When to have a funeral

Some aspects of timing are beyond the control of the funeral director. They may not want to confirm a date for the funeral until they are certain that registration is done and the additional forms needed for a cremation are complete or the coroner has given permission for the funeral to take place.

You do not have to accept the first date and time that the funeral director offers. Sometimes a date coincides with other important dates, such as a family birthday which you would rather avoid.

It is also important to check the funeral director has made sure the person you want to conduct the funeral is available before finalising the date and time. Not everyone is able to rearrange work and other commitments at very short notice especially if international travel is involved and it may be necessary for visas to be obtained.

Cemetery and crematorium appointments in the middle of the day tend to get booked up first. If everyone attending is local, you could have the funeral earlier or later in the day.

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