Funeral arrangements

If you decide to use a funeral director they will guide you through a number of decisions. The main issues are detailed below, and it is important that you take all the time you need to reach a decision. Do not be embarrassed to discuss any of these issues with a funeral director, as they understand that many of us have no knowledge of funerals until we have to take responsibility for arranging one.

There are many decisions to be made, but you will probably find that you intuitively know the answers to many of the questions the funeral director asks. Other family members and friends will contribute their knowledge and ideas too. It can be helpful to listen to the views of people of the same generation as the person who died especially if the person who died did not talk about what they would have wanted during their lifetime.

On the following pages you will find information and guidance about:

  • Looking after the person who has died
  • What type of ceremony is appropriate?
  • The tribute or eulogy
  • When to have the funeral
  • Looking after the mourners' needs

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