Return of home care equipment

How to use the register

Many people are able to be nursed at home because different services supply equipment to help, such as special beds, hoists, wheelchairs, bathroom aids, oxygen machines and many others.

We've provided a downloadable equipment register (PDF 42 KB) so that you can keep track of this equipment to arrange for its return if it is no longer needed. Each supplier will give also give you their own contact details, so you may want to keep this information together with the register.

There is also a section on the form where you can note the date and time arranged for return/collection as well as a column to tick once this is completed.

What about the equipment we have purchased?

Provided it is something that can be appropriately cleaned for use by other people, your local hospital, hospice or Red Cross may be able to use certain items of equipment to help patients/families who are unable to afford to buy equipment themselves.

What about medication?

The nurses who have been supporting care at home may be able to collect these for you and arrange the safe disposal of any medicines of any kind. Unfortunately these cannot be used for any other patient and must be destroyed but this should be done by a pharmacist with access to proper facilities. Please do not dispose of unused medication down the sink or toilet. If a doctor or nurse is unable to collect these from you they should be taken to a pharmacy for safe disposal.

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