Informing council provided and national services

Pensions and benefits agencies

  • Government pensions and benefits agencies (if applicable) - You should let these agencies know as soon as possible. If over-payments are made they will need to be refunded at a later date. Call us for the contact details of state pensions and benefits helplines.
  • If the deceased was receiving tax credits, it is important to notify the local tax office as soon as possible to prevent any over-payments, which would be reclaimed.
  • Using the Tell Us Once service if offered when you register the death, will notify all Department for Work and Pensions departments and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.
  • Child Support Agency - If the deceased was paying or receiving contributions for the upkeep of a child.
  • Private pension providers

Council services

Informing council provided services is particularly straightforward if you use the Tell Us Once service, as all of the services listed below will be contacted.

  • Council tax/benefit office
  • Electoral Registration Office
  • Housing/housing benefit office
  • Social services
  • Return council provided travel pass or disabled parking permit
  • Local library - You will need to inform the library, and return any borrowed books

If the Tell Us Once service is available it is generally offered when you register the death.

Other national services

  • Royal Mail - for mail redirection.

  • DVLA - to return the licence and for a car tax refund

  • Identity and Passport Service (IPS) - it is not essential to return a passport provided the top right hand corner is cut off which immediately prevents it being used. However it is advisable to cut off the top right hand corner and return the passport with a covering letter informing them of the death. If you wish the passport to be returned to you, you will need to state this in your letter otherwise the passport will be disposed of. We can find the appropriate office for you.

Both DVLA and IPS can be notified of the death by the Tell Us Once service if this is offered when you register the death.

Call us and we can arrange suppression of direct (advertising/'junk') mail

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