Choices for probate and estate administration

Many people visit our website looking for information about how to look after the financial and property affairs of the person who has died. This is called administering the estate and a grant of probate or a grant of letters of administration may be required depending on the value of the estate and which banks or other financial institutions hold the money.

You are most welcome to call or email us at Bereavement Advice Centre as we can answer questions on probate and related topics, especially if this is just one of a number of questions you are concerned about.

However, Co-op Legal Services, affiliated with Bereavement Advice Centre provides an enormous amount of information on what probate is and what is involved.

The Co-op Legal Services website provides advice and guidance to help you fully understand the Probate process. Co-op's Probate experts can also take care of the entire Probate process for you for a fair, transparent price, taking time to understand your situation and explain to you exactly what’s involved.

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