Practical help at home

There is a range of home care that may be available to you.

Social worker

  • They will assess the level of home support needed and can arrange home help, 'meals on wheels' and emergency call equipment
  • Referral is by the GP, district nurse, hospital nurse

Home help

  • They can assist with shopping, cleaning and laundry
  • Referral is by social services

Community meals ('meals on wheels')

  • Provision of daily hot lunches or a week's delivery of frozen meals. The meals are nutritious, cater for specified medical conditions and can meet specific religious or cultural requirements.
  • Referral is by social services

Emergency equipment alarms

  • Provision of emergency equipment such as an emergency bell. Some social services provide an emergency alarm line. With this you can call for help day or night.
  • Referral is by social services and some alarms are provided privately

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