Hospice care

Many people say they would prefer to die at home and health and care professionals will do their very best to try and make this possible.

Sometimes, though, for a whole variety of reasons this may not be someone's choice or home circumstances or the nature of the illness are such that transfer to a location with full-time staff becomes necessary.

Hospice care is the right place for many people and is designed to give people who have life limiting illnesses the best quality of life possible for the time remaining to them. Many hospices now offer day care and home care so that many more people benefit from their care than are formally admitted as patients.

If you feel that you need more hep than you are getting to care at home for someone who is dying, please talk with the professionals who are helping you so that they can discuss with you whether more support can be arranged at home or perhaps a different option needs to be considered such as a hospice.

Hospice UK is the leading national charity supporting hospice care.

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