Death certificate and coroner's inquest

If you are registering a death there are sometimes a range of different documents and people involved depending on the circumstances of the death. This section seeks to provide a comprehensive description of the most important documents in order to help guide you through the processes involved.

In addition to the basic forms, there is also a guide to death certificates. Specifically, how to obtain them, what they include, and the significance of the document itself.

The exact processes needed to register a death may also vary depending on whether or not a Coroner has been involved. It is because of this that we also provide information on the role of the coroner, the procedural differences when a coroner has been involved, and what to expect if there is an inquest.

Finally, there is an explanation of post mortems – both why they are sometimes necessary and how to obtain and interpret the results from the coroner. In particular, should you have any objections to a post mortem examination being carried out there is a guide as to how to voice your objections, or alternatively to grant permission for certain types of post mortem.

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