Unanswered questions and complaints

Most bereaved people are very satisfied with the care given to the person who has died and to themselves. Inevitably though, sometimes things happen that we have not understood or are concerned or upset by.

Also most professionals involved in caring for the dying, the deceased and the bereaved are very committed to providing the best possible service. You can always get in touch again to ask questions about what happened. If the situation was complex or events happened very quickly in an emergency there may not have been enough time to give full explanations or you may have felt too upset to take in all the information being offered.

During 2012/3 considerable concern has arisen over the use of the Liverpool Care Pathway, which was designed to help people caring for people at the very end of their life keep care focussed on the comfort of the dying person. A report commissioned by the government has recommended that the Liverpool Care Pathway is withdrawn from use because it has not always been used in the way that was intended. If you are in anyway concerned about the care given to your relative at the end of their life do ask questions from the medical and/or nursing staff in charge of their care. In NHS organisations you may find the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can support you in finding answers to your questions.

Usually informal contact can resolve outstanding questions and concerns but sometimes it can be necessary to use formal complaint procedures. Good organisations want to know about and learn from situations when care could have been better. This means improvements can be put in place for the future as well as giving them the opportunity to apologise if appropriate.

Please call us for contact details of the appropriate organisation to be able to pursue your questions and concerns.

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